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Narikelr mixed khejur gur is a special type of natural sweetener made by evaporating the sap of wild date palm trees and narikel. Harvested between the months of November and February in Bangladesh, it is available in liquid forms. This gur is generally used in different kinds of pitha, and payesh to enhance the taste. Date juice is not available in all districts; date juice is available in several parts of South Bengal. Jashore, Chuadanga, and Jhenaidah have the highest concentrations of date juice. To make it, date juice is collected from the tree and thickened with fire, which is really lovely to eat. Our narikelr mixed khejur gur is sourced from Jashore, ensuring that it is completely pure and tasty. Narikelr mixed khejur gur is not only tasty, but it also has some health benefits:

  • Dry cough and cold can be treated with this gur. It aids in the clearing of the respiratory system by dissolving mucus.
  • The nutrients in narikel mixed khejur gur are essential for keeping your body working properly, which is just what you need throughout the winter. Iron and magnesium are two important minerals present in them.
  • The high potassium content of narikelr mixed with khejur gur helps to prevent water retention and bloating, which aids in weight loss.
  • Narikel mixed khejur gur is a good natural treatment for menstruation problems. Endorphins are released when you consume them, which calms your body and reduces cramps and stomach problems.

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